Galaxy black granite

Black galaxy or galaxy black granites are the best quality and beautiful looking stones among all. The physical property of this granite shows its strength. And if we talk about construction materials, it gets a rating of 4.5 on Moh’s scale, which explains its durability and hardness. Thus, it can easily handle natural vagaries and external forces. This natural stone is found in three different sized materials, such as large-grained, medium-grained, and small-grained.

All give superb quality. However, price-wise, large-grained materials have a higher cost as it is rare.  Some great specs of black galaxy granites include golden and white speckles on its surface, greenish or black shading, dark black background, and metallic flecks for broncite presence.

This stone is termed as galaxy due to the look it gets due to the occurrence of colorful flecks of broncite. Elegant looking tabletop, kitchen top, worktop, vanity top, and also benchtops can be made through this granite. These stones are accessible with a variety of galaxy sizes, lines or veins, and distribution. Its beautiful aesthetics give it more quality, which can design your bedroom, central area, outdoor, floors, walls, bathroom, laundry, and so on.

If we talk about the galaxy black granite price, then it gives the smooth, glossy, elegant, striking look at a reasonable price. Its smooth edges and heat resistant property along with a price range of 180/- to 200/- per square feet according to manufacturers, quality, and design.

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Galaxy black granite


Price : 189 per sq/ft

Product Specifications
Product Details
16mm , 18mm , 20mm
polished, lather finish, lappato, hammerd, flaming
high,extremely high
Sutaible for
interior, exterior
Customized Size
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