Italian dyna marble

This is a creamy marble with brown colored, thick and thin veins on it. The Italian Dyna marble has striking colors, a polished and smooth texture that makes it a perfect choice for designing walls, kitchen countertops, staircases, and floors of hotels, resorts, and offices. It has a glossy finishing, which adds to the glamorous appeal it offers. If someone is looking for Marble with a certain class and is also cost-effective, the Italian Dyna is the ideal choice. In offices, it accentuates the formal tone of the environment. While in residential spaces, it sets a basic technique to attain a completely natural look.

 It also offers a great value for money and is the bestseller amongst Italian marbles. It also has a low maintenance cost and can be used as a hardwearing marble because it is highly durable. Thus, it has applications in both exteriors and interiors. It has superior finishing and can be found as slabs, blocks, and tiles.

Italian Dyna Marble price is not much costly and is relatively cheaper as compared to others. But it can also vary and be expensive if the region has a high demand for it. It also has a water absorption capacity of 0.04%, which means it is ideal for flooring. Its low price compared to its other Italian counterparts, is an excellent option for decorating commercial premises.

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Italian dyna marble


Price : 219 per sq/ft

Product Specifications
Product Details
16mm , 18mm , 20mm
unpolished , polished
high,extremely high
Sutaible for
Customized Size
Application area
counter top, flooring, wall