Italian perlato marble

The Italian Perlato marble is mined in quarries in Silica. It is a yellowish marble, which is why it falls in the creamy range of marbles category. It has veining and markings both. It is known as a ‘busy marble’ because of the many intricate details within each slab. Due to this, it seems to be tiled with fragments inside. Each piece is unique, which makes it a versatile choice for designers. These marbles have the property of heat resistance.

The best part is that they are durable, long-lasting, and affordable. They are often used for flooring and wall cladding of various house sections such as bedroom, bathroom, living room, and hall.

The Italian Perlato marble price range varies as the region, quality, and even the season are usually sold per square feet. These marbles are available in different types, such as blocks, slabs, tiles, and thicknesses from 16-20 mm. The tiles are used for flooring, while the slabs are used for countertops and walls. The massive blocks can be used for the personalization and design of the interiors.

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Italian perlato marble


Price : 229 per sq/ft

Product Specifications
Product Details
16mm , 18mm , 20mm
unpolished , polished
high,extremely high
Sutaible for
Customized Size
Application area
counter top, flooring, wall