Italian marble crema marfil

Italian Marble Crema Marfil is a marble extracted from quarries in a mountain called El Coto in Spain. There are around 20 quarries of this Marble where extraction takes place. It is a beige colored marble with varying tones of both light and dark, and variable patterns and veining, because of the way the fossils recrystallized. Its beige characteristic means that it can be paired well with other darker or medium-toned shades of marbles. Based on its veining, it has a famous variety called the rice grain variety.

This is because the pattern over it resembles rice grains. Another type occurs after polishing, which is called the ‘water variety.’ This is because after polishing, the fossils underneath realign to form a wave-like pattern. Other rare varieties are found in small quantities- these are pinkish and greenish colored marbles. The ‘flower’ variety of Crema Marfil has white spots that resemble coins or flowers. Another sort of this type is characterized by white limestone veining. This type is called encalizado.

As it has high water absorption capacity, it is typically used for indoor applications such as flooring of bathrooms, wall cladding, and counter tops for both kitchens and bathrooms. Italian Marble Crema Marfil price ranges from as low to high. Depending on the quality and finishing, the price fluctuates.

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Italian marble crema marfil


Price : 229 per sq/ft

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16mm , 18mm , 20mm
high,extremely high
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counter top, flooring, handicraft