Vietnam white marble

This Marble is, as the name suggests, originating from Vietnam. Known as one of the ‘whitest’ marbles globally, it’s also one of Marble’s purest forms, made of calcium carbonate. Besides its visual appeal of purity, it has many other reasons that it is highly sought after for its use in architecture, especially for designing kitchen countertops.

It not only gives a sophisticated, glossy look but is also a durable stone. It pairs well with other colored marbles and allows artists and designers to work on making artistic spaces. A white marble countertop would seem basic, but it is, in reality, stunning. It also offers naturally cool temperatures. It is especially useful in the kitchen. Bakers and pastry chefs especially prefer this type of Marble because it is helpful in the rolling dough.

Even after a heated session of an hour’s cooking, one can dine in and enjoy their food in a cool atmosphere if the Vietnam white marble is used as the kitchen’s walls and back splashes. It is also easy to clean; the user needs to know the right chemicals to clean it. Over time, if used as a kitchen counter top, it may acquire stains and scratches, but they’re not something to worry about. The scratches blend with the patterns of the marble slab and are barely visible under bright light.

The Vietnam White Marble price varies as per its quality and smoothness. The whitest form of white Marble has the highest price, whereas the low-quality forms are less costly.

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Vietnam white marble


Price : 299 per sq/ft

Product Specifications
Product Details
16mm , 18mm
unpolished , polished
high,extremely high
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counter top, flooring, handicraft