Indian Marbles

Indian Marbles

Flooring has high importance when an interior developer plans for the designing of the ground. The first words that pop up in most Indian developer’s minds are the royal Indian marble. Indian marble is found and mainly produced in the states of Rajasthan and the small surrounding areas of Gujarat. Indian marble is famous for its soft feel and a sense of contrast to the rest of the décor it gives to the overall interior of the house along with its world-renowned white shine.

Some of India’s most significant export quality marble producing areas are mentioned below: –

1. Makrana region in Rajasthan produces some of the country’s best quality marbles. Makrana marble is also called calcium-marble due to its high calcium content, which is also alleged to benefit for health. Some famous varieties of Makrana marble include – Kumari Marble, Dungri Marble, Alberta marble and Makrana white marble, to name a few. We shall be discussing all these types of marbles and many other types found in the Makrana region in detail as you read through the article.

2. The other two prevalent areas of exceptional quality marble production in India are the 50-60km area around Rajsamand district in Rajasthan and Ambaji area of Gujarat. These areas produce high quality, dolomite marbles. Variety of marbles are found in this belt, and the most sought for marbles from the region are: –

• Agaria Marble – This marble is highly in demand and is available for a customer-friendly price in the marble market.
• Dholi Khan marble – This is a slightly cheaper option for buyers who have limited resources. This marble is available for Rs 28 per square foot.
• Morwad marble – Morwad white marble is famous among buyers and interior designers for its milky white colour and lustre. Due to its supreme qualities, this marble comes at a very premium price, and only prosperous customers can opt to buy this marble.

Despite the availability of imported marbles, Indian marbles have managed to retain its spot as the most sought for marbles among home developers in the country due to its high quality and cheaper rates. Detailed analysis of these marbles found in the Rajsamand and Ambaji marble mines will follow in this article. Stay tuned with us, and we’ll help you buy better by describing each characteristic of these marbles.

Indian marble is available not just in white, but in a variety of colours, including pink, green, golden, or sand. Some types of marble have brown lines of impurities on white marble, which also looks fantastic.

Kishangarh Marble Market in Kishangarh district is one of the biggest marble markets in the country where all varieties of marbles are available at a wholesale rate. Kishangarh is a marble processing hub situated at about 102 km from Jaipur and is considered a marble paradise. Due to its connectivity to the highway, this market has emerged as the hotspot for marble customers and retailers who travel from all the parts of the country and also abroad to fix their marble requirements. State and Central governments have provided infrastructural facilities to the wholesalers and shop owners in this market which has resulted in its immense popularity.

For our readers’ convenience, we have divided our composition about Indian marbles based on their colours. We will initiate with the most readily found and sought for the colour of the Indian marble

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