Makrana dungri brown

Makrana Dundri Brown marble is famous for its regular and signature horizontal impurity imprints of brown colour all throughout its milky white surface. This marble is very identical to Makrana Brown Alberta marble but has slightly less impurity figurative. This limestone contains 99% calcium compounds in its crystals which gives white colour to its base along with 1% other impurities which form the horizontal lines over the surface.

This marble is famous for its strikingly similar look to the wooden flooring of northern countries and other cold regions of the globe due to its wood-like texture formed due to impurities. It has great versatile properties and can be used in the exterior as wall claddings and flooring due to its ability to withstand harsh weather conditions and rough usage.

The marble has excellent crystal size, smooth finish, soothing to the eyes and exciting designs in its lot. The marble is sturdy with a soft and soothing finish. Some other uses of this marble are in the form of countertops in kitchens, cabinet partitions, frames for wall mounted cupboards and as tabletops to name a few. The Makrana Dungri Brown Marble price start at Rs 99 per square foot and go up to Rs 120 per square foot depending upon the significance of impurities, their size and dominance over the surface of the marble. This marble is always in high demand due to its affordability, even though it is extracted from the prestigious Makrana mines and its beautiful glaze.

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Makrana dungri brown


Price : 99 per sq/ft

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16mm , 18mm
unpolished , polished
high,extremely high
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counter top, flooring, handicraft