Rainforest green marble

The famous green Indian Marble is the Rainforest Green Marble. As the name of the marble suggests, it has significant vein-like figurative of brown impurity over its light green theme which is similar to a rainforest as seen from a birds’ eyes view. This marble is a slightly premium offering in the range of Indian green marbles and the Rainforest Green Marble price starts at Rs89 per square foot. In the case of readers’ might be questioning such expensive pricing of this product, the flagship properties of this marble and its high demand among the home designer experts is the reason for its premium pricing.

 This marble is capable of fulfilling all the demands of customers hence bought in huge quantities. The appearance of this marble is such that it can be coupled a different colour of any other natural stone to form decorative patters in its place of installation.
The marble finds its utilisation in the contemporary households as kitchen countertops and cabinet partitions. The marble is used extensively in bathrooms in the form of wall cladding, washbasin along with bathtub brinks in addition to the bathroom flooring due to its non-slippery properties, to name a few. The marble is also used by customers for stair casing, as tabletops or in the decoration of other vanity items.

Rainforest green marble undergoes chemical processing to enhance its shine and texture. The marble is slightly delicate as compared to its other counterparts in the green marble range and hence is available with marble retailers in the form of small tiles or slabs of thickness above 25mm in dimension.

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Rainforest green marble


Price : 89 per sq/ft

Product Specifications
Product Details
16mm , 18mm
unpolished , polished
high,extremely high
Sutaible for
Customized Size
Application area
counter top, flooring, handicraft