Makrana dungri marble

This marble is identified by the horizontal lines like a pattern of black and blue impurity imprints of over its milky white base. It has a slightly less lustre and shine as compared to Makrana White Marble and is considered to be the standard range of marbles found in the Makrana marble mines but has other qualities superior to other marbles in its price range. The marble adds beauty to the floor of the house when applied with expertise.

It has a soft feel, soothing to the eyes and complements the interior through its sense of calmness. The marble is resistant to heat and can prevent the development of stains over its surface in extended usage. It is robust and sturdy and can withstand rough usage along with harsh weather conditions.

Makrana Dungri Marble has a host of applications due to its versatile qualities. Although it is primarily used for flooring applications, some designers use it as a decorative product for washbasin brinks, wall claddings, and designing window and door panels. This is a slightly affordable range of marble as compared to other offerings from the Makrana region.Makrana Dungri Marble price starts at Rs 99 per square foot and is available in slab or tile forms. Prices further fluctuates depending upon the impurity dominance over the surface and dimensions of the slabs. Customers can also choose from a varied range of surface finishes for their marble as per requirement, along with the thickness of the marble based on its place of installation.

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Makrana Dungri Marble


Price : 99 per sq/ft

Product Specifications
Product Details
16mm , 18mm
unpolished , polished
high,extremely high
Sutaible for
Customized Size
Application area
counter top, flooring, handicraft