Makrana kumari marble

Makrana Kumari Marble is a slightly lower grade of Makrana marbles. It is identified by the significant and uniform vertical lines of impurities of black, brown and blue colour that run through its white base. The shine and glaze of the marble are noteworthy but is slightly lacking as compared to that of the Makrana White and the MakranaDungri marble. Even the whiteness of the marble is faded as compared to the flagship varieties of the Makrana Marbles. Primarily this marble is used for flooring purposes, however seldom usage of this marble was seen in the bathroom as wall claddings and to mark washbasin brinks.
The superior quality of this marble is called the Matabhar Kumari White Marble. Makrana Kumari Marble is a smart and affordable option for customers on a budget crunch who have dreamt of installing a marble from Makrana marble mines. The marble is robust, sturdy, economical for the average homemaker and contains natural pure calcite crystals.

This marble doesn’t require any chemical treatment and is heat and stain resistant along with its ability to survive rough usage. This marble is highly efficient and has an attractive look taking into consideration its valuation. Makrana Kumari marble price starts at Rs40 per square foot for a lower grade of Kumari marble and goes up to Rs60 per square foot for the superior quality of Kumari Marbles. Prices further depend upon the thickness of slabs chosen by customers depending upon their requirements and place of installation.

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Makrana Kumari Marble


Price : 44 per sq/ft

Product Specifications
Product Details
16mm , 18mm
unpolished , polished
high,extremely high
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counter top, flooring, handicraft