Morwad white marble

Morwad Marble is always in demand by customers looking for flooring options in their dream homes. It is mainly found and processed in Rajsamand mines of Rajasthan and the surrounding areas of the Ambaji mines in Gujarat. It is primarily found in white colour with little black and green impurity imprints, which looks fantastic. Morwad marble is always in high demand all over the country and exported to many foreign customers. Due to high demand and sufficient availability, the Morwad marble prices start from Rs 50 per square feet onwards.

The marble is famous for its high shine, soft feel, a sense of contrast to the overall interior, and soothing to the eyes as it adds a cooling element to the general feel of the house. It is exceptionally hard in nature and has a lustrous milky white shine that catches eyeballs. Commercially it is available in 14mm-16mm thickness slabs for flooring purposes.

Morwad marble has been used since ancient times, traditionally for decorative flooring of palaces of the Mewar and Saurashtra region and massive temples of Gods and Goddesses. The heritage importance of this marble is also a reason for its high demand among modern home decorators and developers.

To conclude, we would rate the prestigious Morwad marble very highly and recommend you this piece of Indian heritage if you are someone exploring flooring options for your dream home at an affordable rate. Rarely one will find an option that is exclusive and pocket friendly at the same time.

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Morwad white marble


Price : 119 per sq/ft

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16mm , 18mm
unpolished , polished
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counter top, flooring, handicraft