Nigeria white marble

This limestone is extracted from the Rajsamand and Ambaji marble mining belt in the western part of India. Properties of this marble are remarkably similar to the world-famous Makrana White Marble due to which some malpractitioners trick customers by selling this marble by the name of a superior quality Makrana White Marble. Nigeria white marble is known for its milky white texture with rare marks of impurity of a variety of colours. It has a distinctive medium crystal size along with a transparent signature property as compared to its other equivalents in the market.
This marble is used mostly to solve the flooring purposes of the customers. However, its applications are also seen in the form of making cabinets, partitions, interior and exterior wall installations, and manufacturing of the traditional wall-mounted cupboards found in the older households. The marble finds its use in these places due to its sturdiness, long term durability, low cost of installation and maintenance. It doesn’t require regular rubbing and polishing and is considered to be a rough and robust form of Indian white marble. Nigeria White Marble is sold in large jumbo-sized slab form due to its toughness and is available in the market at a very pocket-friendly cost starting at Rs30 per square foot, which increases based on the scarcity of the impurity figurative on the marble surface. Customers just need to be careful of the subtle aesthetic difference between the Makrana White marble and the Nigeria White Marble to avoid any foul play against them.

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Nigeria white marble


Price : 32 per sq/ft

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16mm , 18mm
unpolished , polished
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counter top, flooring, handicraft