Dark Green Onyx

Dark Green Onyx is a very famous type of green Onyx. It is entirely natural and does not require any chemical treatments for processing. It is quarried from Iran and is exported worldwide. Its natural shimmer is very enduring.
The green Onyx slabs have variations in colors and veining patterns, which makes them unique in their own. It requires little maintenance whilst providing a magnificent look to both exterior and interior applications, which demands a refined appearance along with incredible strength and characteristics.

Its multi-coloured pattern over green color is best suited for both the construction and decoration purposes. It is majorly used for flooring, sink tops, counter tops, wall cladding and table tops. The tile pieces give a stunning appearance among the surfaces like bathrooms, bar counters, claddings, kitchen worktops, and islands. Pure Dark Green Onyx is also used at temples and other religious places along with pure White Onyx.

Characteristic Features

• It has excellent strength and is very easy to install and maintain.
• It is an imported stone.
• It is a perfect stone for walls and flooring applications.
• It is polished marble.
• It is available in the form of slabs, blocks and tiles as well.
• The blocks are available both as small ones and in big dimensions, depending upon the requirements.

Actual Photo’s

Dark green onyx


Price : 1499 per sq/ft

Product Specifications
Product Details
16mm , 18mm
polished, unpolished
medium, high
Sutaible for
interior, exterior
Customized Size
Application area
flooring,counter top