Orange onyx

Orange Onyx is an orange color semi-precious gem with cloudy white bands over it and is quarried in Iran and is one of the rare and expensive varieties in the world. It is a natural Onyx with the smooth and shimmery surface. It is available as both vein-cut and cross-cut and is in high demand among the designers and architects around the world. It has circular veins in succession, and its orange tint initiates a sense of distinction, dynamism and freshness as these circular veins give it an exclusive and unique appearance as compared to the other stones.

Because of their high costs, they are mostly used for small space applications, and the small pieces which do not form the slabs are purchased by Chinese and Far East markets are used to make ornamental items. It is translucent in nature, and hence light can penetrate through it, which creates a luminous effect filled with beauty and fantasy.

It can be used for various decoration and construction applications in both commercial and residential projects for purposes like interior and exterior walls, hotels, houses, and offices. Recently people have started using it for sinks and bathroom vanity.

Characteristic Features

• It is very light in weight and has high strength.
• Its installation and maintenance are very easy.
• It is available as both slabs and tiles.
• It is considered perfect for decoration purposes.
• It is resistant to extreme weather conditions.
• Its orange tint brings a sense of dynamism and freshness.
• It can be modified into honed, polished, and sandblasted marble.

Actual Photo’s

Orange onyx


Price : 1199 per sq/ft

Product Specifications
Product Details
16mm , 18mm
polished, unpolished
medium, high
Sutaible for
interior, exterior
Customized Size
Application area
flooring,counter top