Sandstones are formed out of cemented grains that may be either fragments of a pre-existing rock. They are sedimentary rocks composed of sand-size rock, mineral or organic material. It contains a cementing material that apart from binding the sand grains together also occupies the space between space grains. It has been was a popular building material and house wares from ancient times and still continues to be used.

Its composition has resulted in its usage in construction of temples, homes and various ornamental statutes. Sandstones are majorly weather resistant, that is why they are mainly implemented for the purpose of building, while some are relatively soft that makes it easy to carve.

India is a country with diverse geology which leads to the mining of sandstones at various regions of the nation. Over 90% of deposits of sandstone that are found in India, majority are in Rajasthan spread over the districts of Chittorgarh, Bundi, Bikaner, Kota, Dholpur etc.

There are plenty of sandstone manufacturers and exporters in India. The majority of them are found in Rajasthan but their outlets are spread throughout the country.

Red Sandstones

Price – 49 per sq.ft

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