Flower gold sandstone

Also known as Arenite, this sandstone is a sedimentary rock formed of sand-sized minerals or rock grains. The most common mineral found in this sandstone is quartz and feldspar. Its hard composition is why it is one of the most natural stones for paving, roofing, flooring, and paneling. It’s quite easy to work upon and is found in colours like red, grey, white, tan brown and yellow
It is one of the most beautiful sandstone, which has a prominent gold color.

It is unique in appearance. As the name suggests, flowery sandstone is a combination of gold, yellow, and flower texture. Flowery sandstone looks very antique in flooring areas and provides a soothing effect. Its specifications include high durability, easy maintenance, heat resistance, and water-absorbent capacity makes it widely used in wall padding, window sills, wall cladding in bathrooms, kitchens, etc. It is used for flooring purposes in stairs, gardens, swimming pools, etc.

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Flower gold sandstone


Price : 94 per sq/ft

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16mm , 18mm
polished, unpolished
medium, high
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interior, exterior
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