Premium teakwood sandstone

Teakwood Sandalstones is the type of sandstone that can neither be polished nor split. Its smoothly sawn six sides give an entirely crisp and clean feel remaining firm and non-slip under the foot. It attracts the attention of almost everyone due to having a similar structure of teakwood and makes a real statement with its bold and flamboyant colouring.

It’s a fantastic choice if you want something unique because its veining is as simple and elegant as wood and no two slabs are ever same giving one a complete natural patio that brings one closer to mother earth. Using teakwood for sandalwoods is a great choice because the non-slip surface helps greatly against poolside slips. It can also be used on almost all platforms requiring tiles, such as – fountain, tabletops, garden, bathrooms, kitchen,etc.

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Teakwood sandstone


Price : 49 per sq/ft

Product Specifications
Product Details
16mm , 18mm
polished, unpolished
medium, high
Sutaible for
interior, exterior
Customized Size
Application area