Uses of Different Types of White Marble With Examples

White Marble stays always in fashion because it presents simplicity and still looks luxurious. Wherever we design it looks like, a natural beautiful substance with a purity that has been loved more by today’s generation. Basically, Marbles are metamorphic rocks composed of carbonate minerals, most commonly calcite, limestone, or dolomite due to an act of Extreme heat or pressure and geological processes, which means they gradually change forms. Marble comes in different colors and a variety of appearances but white marbles are very widely used as decoration and construction prospective in-home or for the workplace.

The white marble comes up with pure white color or a semi-translucent with a fine grain structure mostly used for sculpturing and in the industry objects. But people used abundantly for utility in homes, offices, factories and buildings, schools, hotels, temples mosques, churches, and many more.

The marbles calcium carbonate react with acid and neutralize them that’s why it is more efficient and has a long-lasting life. Marbles have their own beautiful intricacies Some marble available only a specific country wise and very hard to import and export.

What does White Marble Symbolize?

White marble symbolizes purity and peace and when it ready it shows a classic and traditional glimpse of your place. Marble is a true transmitter of sensations and the texture a color present the power to the creation of singular experiences. The white marble easily coordinates with any wall color combination and creates an appealing eye-catching improved design. But the white marble also categorizes in a different section you can choose according to your design of intent.

Types of White Marble

Marbles are not based only for flooring purpose but there is plenty of other useful opportunities where you can utilize it to get the best overall exhibition. That’s why we differentiate it according to the combination they were coming from. A pure marble always in white color whereas when we mix some impurities of clay and iron oxide it gets a shade of yellowish, pink, blue, and black. Here are some premium quality white marbles that we import or export from Navkar.

Morwad White Marble
Banswara Purple Marble
Nigeria White Marble
White Indian Statuario Marble
Opal White Marble

Morwad White Marble for Kitchen, Slab and Home

Navkar is a Leading Manufacturer of Imported Morwad white marble. The best application area of this white marble is Kitchens flooring, Slab and for home interior and exterior design. It perfect for any utility according to your ideas it appears with a beautiful look after installing. Provides a Smooth surface experience and low-cost Maintenance after many years.

It also best if you are finding tiles for a countertop, Stairs, Monuments, Slabs, and wall cladding. As per huge clients, demand We supply the premium quality of Marwad marbles in India. It has a stunning white appearance with an elegant stylish texture ergonomic design.

Banswara Purple Marble Best for Home, Office Stairs, and Slabs

It’s a Natural Indian stone mostly made up in Rajasthan cities. If we talk about design Come up with white Marble Tiles with a grey colour pattern on it. This stunning design looks more appealing in Home, Office, Stairs, Slabs and for kitchen purposes. Rather then this you can allocate it for countertop, flooring, handicrafts, and wall cladding construction.
The Smooth texture look, Polished and honed surface give it a Long Lasting with Highly durable material constructions. Get an assured quality with the best price available in the market.

Nigeria White Marble for Home, Restaurants, Floors and Business

Nigeria White Marbles are the best option for flooring materials in home, office or business. These white marbles create a different scenario in the overall construction with a fine finish.

Nigeria White Marble gives an amazing appearance on your floor and as the name signifies the origin of this marble is from Nigerian country and exported from there but now Available in our location with various size, pattern and customizable design also allow. So choose which matched your estimated budget.

White Indian Statuario Marble for Walls, Kitchen tiles, floor, stairs and even in Bathrooms.

White Indian Statuario Marble is one of the premium Royall quality Indian rich white Marble. The texture of this marble gives an amazing reflection in sunlight or in brightened light and it seems like a mirror. That’s why its perfect fit in the shiny area of our home or workplace like in kitchen walls, floor, stairs ( Like shown in images ) and if the lighting is good, then in the bathroom it also make a luxurious look.

It is a fine-grained white marble and as you see in the image is covered with grey lines or waves like parts of rivers and designed with beautiful colors combinations match with many indoors and outdoors construction. that’s why it is the first choice for people for many years.

Indian Statuario Marble was also useful for making decorative cases, clock boxes, creative stuff, and for a variety of other purposes. And we were offering premium quality Indian Statuario Marbles.

Opal White Marble for Slab and Stairs and Pooja Room

These white marbles give an awesome look in Slabs, Stairs or Pooja Rooms because come with mix whitish accent. The marble is Highly efficient for using it home and office design and gives an Attractive look with policed and without policed also.

Opal White Marble is also known as Banswara White Marble is an ideal replacement for the Italian White Marble it is a very fine-grained milky white marble and is extensively used for flooring ideas. It’s an equivalent quality of the best white marble in the world. Because of its high strength, it does not change color very easily.

Opal White Marble is calcium-based marble and we supplier and exporter it for a very long time so take a look at the appearances which we providing are highly durable for rough use.