Essential Uses of White Marble in Interior and Exterior Designing

White marbles are not limited only to home flooring and only for temple design but there are various different application areas of white marble where you can utilize it to get a unique appearance in the word. Just choose according to your interest in design.

White Marble for Kitchen and Slab

Kitchens are women’s area and we know how much they conscious about design and their fashion statement. That’s why white marbles are perfectly fit to their choice because it gives a shiny overall appearance if some neighbor comes they get totally impressed by the quality of white marbles.


Although in the kitchen and slabs part durability is matters so who love to cook in kitchens, the marbles absorb all heat and knife marks and in slabs, white marbles are able to carry heavy load without quickly exposing damage. The polished white marble is best for the kitchen and even the bathroom area.

Because the kitchen and slabs are one platform which is used on a daily basis that’s why need a good quality marble for that. And the white marble which we mentioned above are tested in extreme conditions and they are supreme in this category and qualified with modern kitchen machines. So white marbles are best for Indian households or significant amounts in kitchen flooring and as well as in washbasin brinks.

White Marble for Floor

Marbles are mostly used for flooring purposes only. Used for thousands of years in other countries and now it’s in trend in India. Marble gives an excellent look to our floors. It’s a trademark of the wealthy lifestyle in Europe, Italic country, and in the Americas.

And All white Marble is used as a natural stone so it’s best for commercial & residential flooring projects, office buildings, shopping malls, ranging from hotels, pools & gardens to fine residences. The white marbles mesmerized you in a different world.

Apart from other White Marble adds a touch of elegance in-floor too dull home areas, that’s the reason why people choosing the marbles instead by old traditional stones. So for flooring, this marble definitely makes a different style statement.

White Marble for Home

White marbles are widely used in home construction there is much variety available in the white marble category which suites in my wall paint. That’s why people prefer to build a home with a white marble design. It also provides a long-lasting life because the material used in marbles are highly endured.

It offers multiple possibilities in both the decoration and structure of a home. Its use extends to both interiors and exteriors. Because it is a metamorphic rock that’s why have Highly strength which gives it excellent heat resistance if you put it outside of the home don’t worry about the climate changes, it never loses color gamut or leaves any mark of dust.

White Marble for Stairs

If you want to give a more luxurious appearance in your house then what’s better than a white marble stair. Its appeals to a classic and decent look throughout. However, it goes expensive nothing matters in front of a beautiful house and workplace because we make it once for a lifetime. And Marble stairs and floors show the beauty with strength.

Marble stairs can actually be a practical solution if you were bored with normal wood or cemented stairs design. White marble stairs configuration is best for domestic and business projects. Extremely strong so resist wear and tear problems, get more endurance with time, and can easily be maintained.

White Marble for Wall

White Marble walls are in trend in Europe and some parts of Asia. But now widely used in India as well as other Asian countries too. In the wall white marble looks like a masterpiece and shows royalty and nobles of the house.
Marble walls can change our mood and especially if you have children in the house to secret them from the wall roughness. This is the best alternative option of wall painting with a long-lasting life, but marble itself is a low-maintenance solution to a nice home environment.

White Marble for Pooja Room

In the home puja room is one place which we want to create with simplicity because we attached many dreams with the pooja room. And it needs to be with very cleanliness and with vital purity and you all know white marbles are symbols of purity so nothing can replace it when we talk about pooja room decoration.

White marble gives a pleasant look to our pooja room. And when you whisper you feel the energy of surrounding walls. Generally pure white marbles are mostly used in Indian pooja rooms but nowadays some mixture of white marble is also used which also gives a clean and bright appearance.

White Marble for Bathroom

White marble is made up of good material that’s why it does not erode easily with water. So people prefer to settle in the bathroom. And the bathroom is one area where we go for a refreshment. But with old conventional stones, they get smudges easily and also doesn’t bear the wear and tear. Because of that marbles are the trend now for bathrooms and kitchens.

In bathrooms, White marbles create a More dramatic look as compared to other colored marbles. And it is not limited to only bathroom flooring but also people used it for shower walls or in the washbasins. So just tried it at once and you will definitely get used to it.

White Marble for Mandir

Mandir and Pooja room are peaceful places and people get more attracted towards god if they visit mandir and they feel purity and peace there. And the white marbles are the symbols of this virtue. Nowadays in the mandir, there are white marble used very widely.

Like in the ram mandir when construction processes are starts in Ayodhya they were using some traditional marbles the design was looking more appealing. So whenever you think to create a pooja room or mandir for others keep white marble as your first priority.


There are many different white marbles available in Navkar select when designing your floors, Indian wall countertops, backsplashes, and more. To get expert advice to help with which stone suits your demand and best for your space, or speak with our Design Specialists.
Don’t worry about the quality it develops over time doesn’t decay, and each piece is coupled strongly with another piece. Many colors and texture options are available, which assist the best idea when creating or designing projects. Highly bearable in any weather and does not leave mark on it of anything else and easily cleanable if daily usage with shoe dirt.

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